What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

The term digital marketing is much wider concept than it sounds because it tells you much different story when you are in it.

The concept of Internet marketing is the mixture of the all-digital platform that is available to the users. basically, Internet marketing is any form of marketing goods and services in the digital world

Internet marketing can be done both online and offline.

Offline digital marketing

Offline Digital Marketing

you’ve encountered offline digital marketing many time but didn’t realize like T.V, Radio, newspaper, billboards, posters and so on. they all come in the category of offline digital marketing and has been used for many years till now also.

I know T.V and Radio come under the electronic devices but yet they are not connected to the internet (not necessarily).billbords are a great example of offline digital marketing.

The phone calling also is known as cold calling comes under offline internet marketing. many people think that these things don’t work in the 21st century but these techniques are still used and they also generate leads for the company.

Online digital marketing


Online digital marketing is the procedure of implementing online advertisements in the digital world or internet.there are seven major complements that complete online marketing.

  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your content so that it can rank in the top position in the SERP page or search engine result page.
Search Engine Marketing
  • SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING: SEM or search engine marketing is the process in which the purchase ads space is taken from paid search platforms such as google, yahoo, bing and lot’s more. the major difference in SEO and SEM is SEO generates traffic leads organically whereas SEM generates traffic through paid ads in search engines.
Search Engine Marketing
  • CONTENT MARKETING: CONTENT MARKETING involves content creation and distribution in all across the world through different channel blog, social media sites, websites and so on. content marketing is very important as it decides whether the customer will stay on a website or not and content creation does not mean to be promotional but to socialize with society and improving brand awareness.
Content Marketing
  • PAY-PER-CLICK ADVERTISING: PPC or pay-per-click advertising is the mode in which the owner pays each time the customer click in his ads. the user plays different ads in search engine and each time the user clicks on his ads the owner has to pay a certain amount to the search engine.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: There are many social media sites such as twitter, facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and much more. these sites help to generate much more traffic and increase the brand image through different platforms.
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: Affiliate marketing is a commission-based arrangement typically between an online retailer and an external website. The purpose is to generate traffic and sales through referrals.
  • E-MAIL MARKETING: E-mail marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses emails to deliver marketing messages to its audience. That helps in generating traffic and can later convert into loyal customers.

So, these are the most important components for Internet marketing but there are also other things that are needed to be considered such as click-per-rate, backlinks, sitemaps, meta tags and so on.

Now, many industries have understood its importance in the digital world. so diving deep into there concepts and strategies is worthwhile.

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